Flood Damage Restoration and Repair

Water damage tends to occur in two situations. One is as the result of fire, where the water has been used to counter the fire. The other is purely water damage, which can be caused by natural or man-made flooding or leaks.

A high proportion of the nation’s water damage occurs in London, this is partly due to the capitals abundance of rivers and canals, as well as the many antiquated victorian water mains which have a tendency to burst.

Whatever the situation or cause, Fire Flood Restoration is well equipped to tackle any water damage cleanup operation, minimising any secondary damage and disruption to your life or business.

We offer a complete service to fix any water problems and, where possible, to restore the building, furnishings, fixtures and fittings back to what they were. We cover anywhere within the M25, in particular all of North and Central London. And as with all our services, no upfront payment is necessary.

Our Flood Restoration and Cleaning Services

We have been dealing with London water damage for over 30 years, during that time we have amassed an arsenal of equipment that is perfectly suited to dealing with water damage cleanup.

Water pumps – our mobile pumping units will deal with any amount of flood water, promptly and efficiently. Even if there’s a problem with the electricity supply, they can still operate, as we have emergency generators.

Leak detection – leaks are a common cause of water damage, and our infrared measuring cameras and moisture measuring equipment will soon identify what and where the problem is. You can see some of this equipment in action in our gallery.

Drying and cleaning – drying can take place both on- and offsite, and includes carpet drying and decontaminating all carpets and soft furnishings. For salvaging damaged books, papers or files, we use desiccant dehumidifers.

Decontamination – here’s where our ozone generators are invaluable. They’re not just effective, they’re fast: you can read more on our ozone generators page.

Hygiene – our specialist equipment helps ensure that items don’t just look clean and safe, but that they really are.

Restoration – if at all possible, we can restore anything and everything, and have access to specialist restorers for even period fixtures and fittings. Ceiling damage repair and wood floor repair being amongst the most common issues.

Waste disposal – anything beyond repair, such as carpets, underlay or anything else, we’ll dispose of safely.

Liaison with experts and others – including Loss Adjusters, Loss Assessors, Local Authority Building Control Officers, Party Wall Specialists, Chartered Surveyors, Planning Departments, Architects, Structural Engineers, and Environmental Officers. We can also talk to insurance companies on your behalf.

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Flood Damage Cleaning

When your home or business is affected by water damage, it can often seem like things will never return to normal. There is the issue of restoring your property to what it once was, which involves an awful lot more than there might first seem, and before you can even get started on restoration you must pump the property clear of any water that may remain, dependent on your personal circumstances. This usually takes place on the lower levels of the property, quite often we’ll be pumping water out basements. You may be experienced in DIY and know all the tricks of the trade you think necessary, but you will be surprised at just how much can be involved in cleaning up flood damage.

So where to begin? Every case of water damage to the home or business is completely individual and no two situations will ever be the same but there are generally two different types and causes of water damage. One is water damage caused by the use of water to counter a fire. The other is man-made or natural flooding or leaks.

Regardless of the type of damage, or the cause, you will find that it can be not only difficult, but also severely time consuming and ridiculously expensive to rectify as you may find that one problem has caused another. If not dealt with properly you may even find yourself making the problem worse instead of better.

Finding the Cause of the Water Damage

Water Clean Up

A flood specialist will be needed to assess the water damage to a home.

If the damage to your property has been caused by leaks, it can sometimes be difficult to find the exact source of the problem, especially if there is more than one. Specialist equipment known as infrared measuring cameras and/or moisture measuring equipment may need to be used to identify the cause of the leak(s). From burst pipes causing damage to a ceiling to leaky taps, everything will need to be checked in case there are multiple sources. Again, this equipment can be difficult to get your hands on with not many suppliers willing to hire to just anybody. The cost of hiring (if you can), or buying, can quite often be a ghastly amount that not many could afford – insurance companies will not often pay for you, or reimburse you, to hire or buy this equipment and do the job yourself.

You will then need to clear the property of as much water as is possible before you can get started on anything else. This will help to prevent any further damage being caused to your property such as mould. If not dealt with quick enough, mould can take over and is not only extremely unsightly, but is also potentially dangerous. Inhalation of specific types of mould could lead to severe health issues.

To undertake flood repairs and remove this water you will need to use specialist equipment to pump it all away, not only quickly but also efficiently. Remember, you may need to look into getting some generators if the damage has gone as far as to harm your electricity supply, either completely – or partly. Hiring this equipment can be tricky. If you manage to find someone who supplies it they may want to see some form of accreditation before they will even let you hire it. If you’re lucky enough to find someone who will supply it to you regardless, you are probably looking at quite a hefty bill.


Decontamination is an unfortunate necessity when dealing with water damage to the home or a business. Decontamination will involve the removal of fungi, moulds and bacteria. If not dealt with appropriately these can damage not only the items within the property but also the property itself. The best way to deal with decontamination after water damage is to use an ozone generator. These deal with many issues in one go, which will relieve you of the need to use more than one piece of equipment needlessly. These generators will not only deal with rot and the problems already mentioned but are also effective in aiding the drying out of furniture, wallpaper, plaster and other various furnishings. They are also able to act as air purifiers making them capable of dealing with the unpleasant smells so often left by water damage. Reasonable ventilation must be thought of when using these, especially if you are planning to continue living in the property whilst the ventilation process is taking place. These generators are hard to come by, and extremely expensive. You may be better off looking into professional help if you feel an ozone generator will be necessary.

Health and Safety is vital in when dealing with water damage to a home, as well as a business. Your items and property may well look clean once you have dealt with them, but are they actually safe? Expert help is often vital in making sure of this.

Drying and cleaning processes can be long and can be stressful. They may need to be dealt with in, and out, of the home. Desiccant dryers are the perfect piece of equipment for the process as they will dry not only soft furnishings and carpets, but can also deal with files, documents and books – some of which may be invaluable to you particularly if it is your business that has been damaged. Again, they are difficult to use and professional help may be necessary.

Flood Repairs & Water Damage Restoration

Restoration is a long and often strenuous process. Various professionals may need to take part to help you get everything back to what it once was. Period fixtures, antiques and everyday essentials like your furniture may need to be looked at. Professionals may be needed and one may not deal with all so you are looking at hiring more than one party. If there is anything that is damaged past the stage of restoration you will need to dispose of these safely.

North London Fire/Flood are restoration are flood specialists and will be able to quickly assess your situation.

There’s more about individual water restoration projects in our gallery and our testimonials

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