Mould Removal

Mould growths are types of funghi and can be one of the more unpleasant side-effects of flood damage or can be something that arises from a water leak, damp or some structural problem.

It’s not only unsightly and damaging to your furnishings, can weaken the structure of your property, but there are many health problems caused by mould. This also means that it should only be treated and removed by a professional mould removal company as special equipment and protective clothing is often necessary.

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Mould Removal and Damp Specialists London

Cleaning mould off walls and other surfaces is only the first step, we also identify and remove the cause of the problem (either external or internal) and ensure that the damp will not return by applying special treatments, as well as removing any associated odours. We can even remove mould from clothing and fabrics. Once everything is sorted (and confirmed by proper testing), as damp specialists we issue an official Drying Certificate.

We can then repair and restore your fixtures and furnishings, calling on decorators, restorers, craftspeople and other tradesmen as necessary. We are Insurance Company registered and can liaise with loss adjusters and others as required.

Mould Removal LondonNatural Mould Killer

Ozone is a naturally occurring gas that kills mould permanently by effectively penetrating walls and other surfaces where spores can hide. We use specialist Ozone Generators and HEPA Air Scrubbers that can remove Mould and Mildew in as little as 24 hours.

Many think that cleaning mould with vinegar or using bleach to kill it will solve their problems. Neither of these substances can efficiently kill the fungi and may damage surfaces. Ozone is the only way to get into porous surfaces, completely wiping out any trace of funghi.

Preventing Mould from Returning

All fungi grow in damp areas, this is why many bathroom walls and ceilings are affected. However, mould will often be seen in an area of home or business that has no reason to be damp and no obvious source of where the moisture may be coming from. In order to quickly identify the root of the problem we utilise Thermal Imaging Technology to instantly show us any damp areas and where problem originates.

Mould Health Risks and Dangers

Its presence can lead to a person developing a mould allergy. This can be exacerbated by cleaning mould from walls or other surfaces without the correct safety equipment, manually removing it from surfaces causes spores to be launched into the air, making them easier to breath in. This is why Fire Flood London utilise Ozone generators in the removal process.

Breathing in spores can cause headaches, nausea and respiratory tract problems in healthy people. The vulnerable such as the very young, old and those with pre-existing medical conditions should not be exposed.

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