Mould Removal

As Mould is so hazardous to health we are still operating doing the Covid-19 lockdown. All our operatives wear masks, gloves and other appropriate protective equipment whilst in your property.  

Mould (or mold) growths are types of funghi and can be one of the more unpleasant side-effects of flood damage or can be something that arises from a water leak, damp or some structural problem.

It’s not only unsightly and damaging to your furnishings, can weaken the structure of your property, but there are many health problems caused by mould. This also means that it should only be treated and removed by a professional mould removal company as special equipment and protective clothing is often necessary.

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Expert Mould Removal and Damp Specialists London

Here at North London Fire Flood Restoration we have spent over 30 years developing a range of mould removal services that can be tailored to your particular issue. This ensures that you’ll receive mould cleaning services and advice to stop the problem from ever reoccurring.

Mould treatment for walls and other surfaces is only the first step, we also identify and remove the cause of the problem (either external or internal) and ensure that the damp will not return by applying special mould treatment, as well as removing any associated odours. We can even remove mould from clothing and fabrics. Once everything is sorted (and confirmed by proper testing), as damp specialists we issue an official Mould Inspection and Drying Certificate.

We can then repair and restore your fixtures and furnishings, calling on decorators, restorers, craftspeople and other tradesmen as necessary. We are Insurance Company registered and can liaise with loss adjusters and others as required.

Mould Removal LondonNatural Mould Killer

Ozone is a naturally occurring gas that kills mould permanently by effectively penetrating walls and other surfaces where spores can hide. We use specialist Ozone Generators and HEPA Air Scrubbers that can remove Mould and Mildew spores in as little as 24 hours.

Many think that cleaning mould with vinegar or using bleach to kill it will solve their problems. Neither of these substances can efficiently kill the fungi and may damage surfaces. Ozone is the only way to get into porous surfaces, completely wiping out any trace of funghi.

Preventing Mould from Returning

All fungi grow in damp areas, this is why many bathroom walls and ceilings are affected. However, mould will often be seen in an area of home or business that has no reason to be damp and no obvious source of where the moisture may be coming from. In order to quickly identify the root of the problem we utilise Thermal Imaging Technology to instantly show us any damp areas and where problem originates.

Mould Health Risks and Dangers

Its presence can lead to a person developing a mould allergy. This can be exacerbated by cleaning mould from walls or other surfaces without the correct safety equipment, manually removing it from surfaces causes spores to be launched into the air, making them easier to breath in. This is why Fire Flood London utilise Ozone generators in the removal process.

Breathing in spores can cause headaches, nausea and respiratory tract problems in healthy people. The vulnerable such as the very young, old and those with pre-existing medical conditions should not be exposed.

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Absolutely first class service. Especially as the flood happened as I was about to go away on an extended trip. Jane, in particular was the definition of professionalism and got to work right away. Actually, the insurers specifically complimented her for the clarity and timely delivery of the quotation for remedial work. Everything was done on time, and they made a HUGE effort to work within my travel schedule. It sounds like I’m an employee doing a fake review, but I’m just a retired businessman who knows quality when he sees it. Three words if you’re in trouble with flood damage of any kind - USE THESE PEOPLE!! Thank you Jane & co. Sincerely, Kevin.Kevin ThomasMay 18, 2022
Michael ThomasMarch 16, 2021
Highly recommend Jane and team. They sorted out several mould issues, including on a large patch of wall and bathroom sealant which now looks good as new!Beth GuildfordMarch 13, 2021
I was happy to have had the opportunity to call North London Restoration when i tried many other firms before who let me down and North London Fire Flood Restoration responded quickly and provided a very competitive quotation and did the work fast and in a professional manner despite some challenges during the COVID-19 lockdown periods in London during 2020. I would certainly recommend Jane and her team anytime for their professional work as they are good at what they do and are very reliable.Premier Cru Heritage WinesMarch 12, 2021
As you can probably imagine, having to sort your house out after water damage is an anxious time. Jane and the team were so, so helpful, reassuring and professional. Once the insurance company gave us the okay, all the elements of the job were completed just as they said they would be. It was a massive relief to be dealing with people who know what they're talking about and do what they say they're going to do. I can't recommend them highly enough.Joe Hannam MaggsMarch 10, 2021
I had a mould problem in my bathroom and the team at North London Fire Flood did a great job! Great service, really reliable. The work they did for me came with a 6 month guarantee, and they even came back to fix specific parts of the paint job free of charge even though it was a few days after the 6 month window. Jane was super helpful on whatsapp. I just sent her a few photos and she came back with a solution and a quote. Highly recommended!Nigel NgJuly 8, 2020
Fire Flood Restoration was fast to respond and thorough. Their understanding, professional nature and reassurance is next to none.susie rayJuly 6, 2020
I have used many restoration/disaster recovery companies over the years and Fire/Flood stand out in my experience as the best without a doubt. Fast, accurate, professional, experienced, good communication. They are excellent at what they do and we will use them again. What more could you ask for - except not having a disaster in the first place!dannyarchOctober 31, 2019
They were recommended to me by a friend to attend to a severe mould and damp issue caused by a tenant at a rented property. I called and spoke to Jane and from that point on, I couldn't have asked for a more personal service. She was quick to respond, provided very specific advice and was very thorough with her explanations. Equally, all follow up reports followed the same pattern. Very happy to recommend and would definitely use again if I ever needed the skillset. Great service!Andreas ChrysanthouJanuary 3, 2019
Great company, Rose and Jane are extremely helpful and professional. If you’re looking for Mould Removal in London they are the company for you.MickjazzmanDecember 26, 2018
Used their services 3 times and they were exceptional!Abdulla IsaNovember 5, 2018
we had a crazy fire then needed fire cleaning right away. So I made few calls and paid for inspections but taking ages(5 working days earliest!!) just to come down for estimation, crazy quote. never happy with them and found this company as a third try. One phone call on Friday late afternoon and the lady turned up in 1.5hrs for free estimation, written quote received that evening. 3 days later, work started. You can never get anything better than that, right? Super lovely and hard working staffs, off course. under those insanely stressful days, they were such a relief... def it made my first positive move from "impossible situation"... thanks trillions!!Fukushima AkioNovember 2, 2018
Great service!Rick Banks (Face37)November 1, 2018