Why Choose Us

12 reasons to choose us

  1. Long experience – Fire Flood Restoration has been in business since 1983 – that’s around 30 years, making us one of the longest established firms in our field. Whatever the type or scale of fire or flood, we’ll have dealt with it before.
  2. A family firm – founded and run by Paul Fluckiger, with assistance from his wife Rose. Most other companies in this sector are offshoots of insurance companies or franchises, run by whoever has bought the franchise, who will often know little about the practicalities of restoration. In most cases, Paul will personally be able to conduct the initial assessment, often within an hour, and will supervise the whole process. For more details, see about us
  3. Calm and effective – a fire or flood can be devastating personally, not just to the property. We understand this and can offer not just practical assistance, but genuine support.
  4. Personal service – your call will always be answered by a person, not a machine. Whoever answers the phone, or Paul Fluckiger himself, will personally project manage everything through to completion.
  5. Comprehensive – fire damage, flood damage, mould, odours, we can handle – and solve – them all. For businesses, if your premises are unusable, we can offer office, factory or warehouse space at short notice via leading office space company Avanta.
  6. State-of-the-art equipment – a more comprehensive range, we believe, than any other independent contractor in the UK. It includes industrial pumps, wet-pick machines, dehumidifiers, damp meters, desiccant dryers (for drying books and documents), particulate air filtration machines (for soot, dust and so on), ionisers and ozone generators (for decontamination), thermal imaging cameras (for identifying leaks), forced air blowers (for general drying), emergency lighting kits, sandbags and more.

You can see our thermal imaging cameras in action in our gallery, and also read more about how our ozone generators destroy mould and airborne pathogens

  1. No job too large or small – we have everything from the smallest machine to dry out a cupboard or under-floor area to huge industrial dehumidifiers and blowers for the largest warehouse. And all readily available and deliverable to your door within an hour or so.
  2. Registered and insured – we’re also registered with all major insurers and are a Corporate Associate member of the British Damage Management Association, the certifying authority for recovery and restoration professionals.
  3. All the professionals you need – once the emergency is over, we have builders, decorators, plumbers and electricians to restore your property to what it was before the fire or flood. Yes, we can even provide period tilers, decorative plasterwork specialists and stained glass fitters.
  4. Expert liaison – we can brief and work with loss adjusters, loss assessors, surveyors, building control officers, party wall specialists, structural engineers and other ancillary professionals.
  5. Cost-effective – there is nothing to pay upfront; the price we quote we stick to (with no hidden extras) and we are highly experienced in liaising with insurance companies on our customers’ behalf.
  6. Proven – from ordinary householder through to businesses small and large, letting agents and property management companies, we’ve always provided fast, effective solutions – as you can see from our testimonials


To get started, please call us on 020 8340 8338.

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