Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

If it’s an emergency, call us now on 020 8340 8338 – we can usually get there, along with all necessary emergency equipment, within an hour or so.


Which areas do you cover?

All of Central and North London in particular, although anywhere within the M25 as well – please check with us when calling.


Who do you deal with?

Both homeowners and businesses, as well as property management and letting companies.


What scale of problems do you handle?

Everything from a damaged room through to a whole house, row of houses or commercial properties, warehouses and so on.


How much will it cost?

That’s like the saying ‘How long is a piece of string’. However, the initial appraisal will cost nothing, and we will eventually charge only what we have estimated in writing and your insurers have agreed. You pay nothing direct.


How does it work?

We attend your premises, usually within an hour or so of your call. Any immediate emergency, such as water running in, we will deal with, pumping out and extracting water from carpets and disposing of any unsalvageable underfelt.

We always start the drying process at once – this is always advised by Insurance Loss Adjusters to prevent further damage and minimise the eventual claim. We then prepare an estimate for you to present to your insurers of what it will cost.

When your insurance company give the go-ahead, we proceed with the works. On a small job, this can often be agreed by telephone the same day. On larger jobs, they will send a loss adjuster and we will meet them on site and agree the necessary works.

When the works are completed, we prepare an Invoice for precisely the amounts quoted in the estimate. Only if something major and unforeseeable occurs in the clean-up will there be any extra cost, and this would be discussed and cleared first with your insurers.


What equipment do you have access to?

In a nutshell, anything that’s needed to clean up damage from smoke, fire, flood or mould, and to restore your property to what it was.  In most cases more modern and powerful than that of our competitors. There’s a list on our why choose us page and, if the problem is water damage, you may want to check out our ozone generator page


After the clean-up, what about the restoration?

This is an important part of our service. We have access to all the specialist trade and craft professionals you might need, from painters, decorators, electricians and plumbers all the way through if required to specialists in period plastering, tiling and so on.