Ozone Generators

For many fire and flood emergencies, use of an ozone generator is an essential part of the long-term solution. Ozone is used to destroy moulds, fungi, bacteria and other organisms that can damage a property and items within it after a fire or flood.

Ozone generators are effective against dry rot, wet rot and in aiding fabric restoration, such as furniture, curtains, carpets and other furnishings, not to mention wallpaper and plaster. They also act as general air purifiers and are excellent at getting rid of unpleasant smells. They can even remove moth or weevil infestations.

Hospitals use them to decontaminate operating theatres, as they work better and are less dangerous than conventional disinfectants like bleach or chlorine. Unsurprisingly, they have many agricultural, consumer and industrial applications as well, and are often used by organic and holistic food companies.

Ozone Generation Explained

Lightning_Can_Generate_Ozone_GasThe gas ozone occurs naturally in the atmosphere, the characteristic smell of ozone makes it detectable even at low levels. Electrical discharges like lightening often generate ozone, similarly ozone can also be created when waves crash against the shore.

As air rises to the upper atmosphere, the suns’s ultraviolet rays turn oxygen (O2) into ozone (O3), Ozone molecules are heavier than oxygen molecules, this added weight causes ozone to fall back to earth, this process naturally purifies our air and water.

The crisp clean smell that is noticeable following a storm is ozone.

When and How to Use Ozone Generators

Ozone is an extremely powerful purification properties, it destroys bacteria, spores, mould, mildews and cleans the air of contaminants like particulates. Removing these from air and surfaces has the advantage of also neutralising any troublesome odours such as smoke, animal smells, mould and damp.

Ozone generating machines must be used with caution as it isn’t safe for people to be in an ozone-rich environment for protracted periods of time. That’s why we always set up and collect them ourselves.

We operate the latest, most advanced machines. They include several large ‘Ozone Shock’ machines, which we use overnight (occasionally longer) in empty rooms only, followed by proper airing.

We also install smaller ozone generators, typically for a few days or a week. These are safe to use in rooms or areas where people are, assuming reasonable ventilation.

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You can see examples of ozone generators in our gallery. They’re highly effective, and hiring them needn’t be expensive. For further details, please contact us