When a Flood is Totally Out of Your Control: A Burst Water Main

Posted on: January 21st, 2020 by Jane F

Sometimes there’s nothing you can do. You’ll maintain your property, regularly inspect internal pipes and lagging but when a victorian water main bursts there’s just? no way to prepare for it. 

That’s exactly what happened recently in the North London neighbourhood of Finsbury Park. It was the morning of Tuesday the 8th of October when the century old pipe work decided to give way flooding nearly a square kilometre in ankle deep water, causing the evacuation of many homes and leaving many more without running water. 

Queens Drive was the most effected by the flood, many of the homes in the street are lower ground flood level flats, the flood water did major damage, many occupants had to be re-housed by Thames water while flood cleanup and decontamination works were undertaken. 

Thames water spends hundreds of millions of pounds every year in leak detection and prevention. Much of the network of water pipes running under the city is more then a hundred years old.  They can’t catch everything before it becomes a problem. 

A large company like Thames water will have there own flood cleanup services that deal with the initial impact of an event like this. It’s rare for flood restoration companies to be involved at early stages like this but because of the sheer scale of restoration works we find we are often called in by home owners and tenants to finish jobs property. 

The beginning of any large flood is normally chaos, eighty Firefighters from the London Fire Brigade were called in this instance to try and remedy the situation. Because the initial task of stemming the flow of flood water it may be several days before your property is inspected by your water provider. 

In the case of Queens Drive Thames Water estimated that around 150 dwellings were affected by “external or internal water ingress”. The longer flood water is left to sit on properties the more damage it can do. Many of the residents of Queens Drive had to wait days for Thames water to assess the damage and start to restore their properties.

With approval from insurance companies Fire Flood London can quickly tackle pumping out flood water, drying, decontamination and repairs of a property. We have been carrying out water damage restoration in London for over 30 years and have developed a range of services to take on any jobs big or small.   

We can also attend to a property once a water companies own engineers have vacated to finish the drying and cleaning to a higher standard. 

If your property needs urgent attention after a flood please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 020 8340 8338

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