Sewage Decontamination

To prevent the spreading of germs and airborne contaminants that can be potentially harmful to your health, sewage damage needs to be dealt with quickly and efficiently. Damage caused by sewage could lead to diseases and should always be treated under the highest priority possible. Backups of sewage can also create a potential severe health hazard. You may think it is ok to procrastinate in situations like this, but be aware – the longer you leave it, the worse it will get. The more the bacteria develops, the more dangerous it can become and can lead to health problems. If you leave it long enough for harmful organisms to make their way into the infrastructure of your property you are looking at losing a substantial part of your property which could take a long time to replace – if replacement is even possible.

Causes of Sewage Contamination

The main cause of sewage damage is sewage back up, which has built up over time in your home or business. This will normally involve a blockage in the pipe underneath your home that connects to the main sewage line in the street. Dependant on where the blockage is will of course depend on the level of damage done to your home. The blockage may cause a back-flow that will come back up through your toilet, sinks or bath/shower. The pipe may burst inside your home causing a flooding sensation of the sewage causing it to spread – rapidly. If the pipe bursts underneath your home, your foundations are at risk – particularly if harmful organisms are in the fluid. Occasionally, even breakdown of internal plumbing or mechanical defects can cause a major sewage problem.

If the damage to your property has been caused by a burst pipe, there is of course more than just sewage floating through those pipes, and water damage is an additional problem you may not have expected. Burst pipe water damage can be extensive and can cause mould, bacteria and fungi to build up on top of the bacteria caused by the backup.

Regardless of the cause, or the level of damage done, repairing and restoring is an essential part of ensuring your life can go back to normal. If not dealt with appropriately, short term problems may be dealt with but if a thorough investigation is not done, problems will go undiscovered and will lead to long term, severe problems.

Undertaking Decontamination

Sewage damage is obviously an extremely unpleasant problem to deal with. Decontamination must take place before you can treat the problem, and treatment of the problem often leads to the need to do yet more cleaning tasks. Cleaning sewage will come with some nasty and pretty grotesque effects. There’s the obvious thought of having to deal with the sewage – a daunting task for most of us. Then there’s getting through the awful stench that is sure to be there, and if you haven’t got a gag reflex of steel then you may struggle.

There are, unfortunately, not many options for help in situations of sewage damage and having a decontamination done, as it is not a job many people want to do. There is of course, the option of calling your local authority (if the problem is in your home) and requesting that they deal with it. This may not be an option for you if the property is owned, privately rented or is a commercial property. But, take note – not all local authorities will decontaminate and clean up sewage, even if they do, if they evaluate and find any reason to give any blame to you at all, you will be met with a hefty bill. Most local authorities will also only deal with the problem itself – not all the nasty aftermath that has been left because of it and of course – you may find expensive service charges are charged to you.

North London Fire / Flood Restoration will take on the job, and deal with the whole lot for you. They will deal with the problem quickly and efficiently to ensure that your property is returned back to normal in no time at all. They will identify the cause of the problem and deal with it as quickly as they possibly can and you will have none of the hassle that is all too often seen with sewage damage.

They will not only deal with sewage cleanup but will also take care of any repairing and restoring that may be needed. Repairing will be undertaken to make sure your plumbing goes back to a usable and safe state. It is vital that this is done to ensure that the problem doesn’t persist – or simply return after just a short period of time. The restoration process must then begin. Furniture, flooring, infrastructure, antiques, sentimental items will all need to be looked at. Not only that, but if there’s anything that can’t be restored you will need to dispose of it – safely. When items have been contaminated by sewage this becomes more difficult.

All of the tasks we have mentioned require a different set of expertise. When you try to take of the task yourself, this means hiring more than one company, more than one bill and this will of course lead to complications between the various parties. Mentioned companies like allow you to consolidate everything. If there is something their experts can’t deal with – they know somebody who can. Not only that, you need not worry about the stress of dealing with the insurance companies, local authorities, and any other third parties.

So when sewage floods your home and leaves you dumbstruck, call North London Fire / Flood Restoration.