Housing Associations Fail to Treat Mould Problems

Posted on: January 14th, 2020 by Jane F

It’s an all too common problem, left untreated a mould infestations can quickly spread. Often the most vulnerable members of our society are the affected by this.

More often than not the management responsibilities of council property is handled by a third party. Because mould seems like a cleaning issue that a tenant should be able to handle themselves housing associations and their maintenance providers are usually slow to do anything.

Professional mould removal services are needed to assess the extent of the infestation, identify the root cause of the problem and recommend a remediation protocol.

While harmful for everyone, mould spores can be particularly dangerous for children and those with weaker immune systems. It’s also a scary sight to see it quickly accumulating on walls and ceilings.

Pensioner John Ibbitson from Hull (article linked above) had completely stopped using his shower because of the extent of the mould issue in his bathroom. At the age of 74 he’d been reduced to washing in the sink, fearing that the mould would exacerbate his arthritis and cancer. 

Lisa Dyer from Potters Bar in Hertfordshire was forced to move herself and her three children to the living room of their flat, fearing the mould in the bedrooms would cause health issues for her young family.

Many think just cleaning the affected areas with an anti-fungal solution will solve the problem. Unfortunately things are not usually that simple. Mould grows on damps surfaces, finding the source do the damp is often the first step to fixing the problem.

Mould spores don’t just adhere to surfaces, they circulate in the air. Specialist equipment like air scrubbers will need to be used to reduce the spore load and make the air safe to breath.

If you have a mould issue please give us a a call for advice and a no obligation quote to remedy the situation. You can find out more about our mould removal service at the link below.

Mould Removal Services

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