Fire Reconstruction

Why Hire a Fire Damage Service?

When a property has been subjected to the ravages of fire, it is not until it has been extinguished that the real problems begin. Repairing the damage and restoring your home or business to what it once was is often daunting and can not only be extremely stressful and time consuming but also expensive if not dealt with correctly, not to mention the sentimental discomfort you may face. Even assessing the amount of damage actually caused can be tricky, with some problems not even appearing until much later on, when it is often too late to restore things to their original state.

Even fires that seem unimportant and rather minor can cause major complications, from the obvious burns to the damage caused by the smoke and soot. Even extinguishing the fire can cause problems in itself – water extinguishers are an unfortunate necessity, adding the possibility of additional damage.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel, for there are companies you can hire such as North London Fire Flood Restoration who will take on the job for you. A company like this will enable you to consolidate all individual tasks into one job for one company to undertake. Providing a complete fire reconstruction service to repair the damage and, where it is possible, restore the building and any interiors back to their original state.

So why the need to hire a company? Surely it can’t be that hard and you can do it yourself? Well let’s take into consideration just a few of the jobs you will need to do when undertaking fire damage restoration and the cleaning of a fire damaged home.

Cleaning After a Fire

As mentioned earlier, even extinguishing a fire can cause damage in itself. Water damage can cause a devastating aftermath, leading to a big clean up job if not done correctly. Dependant on the level of damage, water may need to be drained from the premises before drying can even begin. When it comes down to drying, hiring the expensive specialist equipment such as desiccant dryers is an added expense. These dryers will dry not only the building itself, but even books, files and documents.

You must also clean all soot and smoke residue from any affected items, including the walls, ceilings and floors. This can of course be quite dangerous as smoke inhalation is still an issue after the fire has been put out, so you must either hire someone specialist to do this for you, or purchase the safety equipment needed. Then, of course, there is the dreaded prospect of redecorating. This is not only daunting, but can also become costly, and may require help from yet another outside source – particularly if plaster has been damaged.

Fire Restoration

Cleaning after a fire can be a daunting task.

Fire Damaged Property

Smoke can, and will, not only cause ghastly marks on your premises and untold amounts of damage, but will also leave an awful (and unbearable) smell. This odour often lingers and can take years to go – expert help may be needed if you can’t live with the stench.

Before you can think about cleaning and/or restoring any of your property you will need to think about where you’re going to store everything while the premises itself is dealt with. This may come in the form of storage units – or any other appropriate form you can find yourself.

If you do eventually get down to restoring your belongings, there may be more than you initially anticipated. There are the obvious electrical items which may have been damaged – remember these will need to be tested before they can be used safely (particularly if they are business equipment for professional use). You will also need to think about any tiling or panelling you may have and any antiques which are so often irreplaceable, making simply purchasing new items impossible. There are also important documents that you may need – desiccant dryers (as mentioned earlier) will be needed. Even your clothes will need to be dealt with.

Decontamination may also become an issue. If any mould has been caused this can be dangerous and will need to be dealt with quickly. This is a lengthy and often difficult task and may require yet another professional – more money you may have already run out of.

If there are any items that are beyond repair, you will need to dispose of these safely. This often involves paying somebody to come and take the items for you so as to not cause further damage to any other property – or the environment.

Dependent on your personal situation you may not need all of these services, or you may even need more. The job will be lengthy and no doubt you will need to hire various professionals to help you along the way. Hiring from so many different sources will not only become extremely expensive but may cause additional complications. The need to include so many people is bound to cause difficulties between the various parties, including timing, scheduling and the job requirements of individuals.

A Complete Fire Restoration Service

Hiring a company such as North London Fire Flood Restoration will combine all these jobs into one. You need not worry about any hidden jobs you didn’t know were there – their staff will find anything that needs to be dealt with. Any professional staff required – be it builders, electricians, plumbers or specialist craftsmen will all be supplied. This reduces not only the cost and the time taken but also the stress you go through when dealing with such an ordeal. They will even undertake the responsibility of dealing with your insurance company, loss adjusters – who ever needs to be involved.

When fire strikes, it is often more than just your home or business which is affected – your life is disrupted too. Why make the situation more stressful than it already is? Call a fire damage restoration service like and consolidate the jobs into one. Why take on more than you have to, and pay more than you have to? Make the burden someone else’s.