Burst Pipe Damage

Burst Pipes and Flood damage Repairs

When you discover your home or business is overrun with water, it’s more than just your property that is flooded. Your mind will also be flooded with dread and worry at the prospect of needing to deal with the devastation that is now in front of you. Although a flood can be caused by many factors, the most common damage is caused by burst pipes.

Even the smallest of floods can cause utter chaos in your life and it may seem impossible that things will ever be returned to some sense of normality. There is a huge list of things you must go through before you can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

But be aware, if you decide that you are brave enough to take on this task yourself you have a bumpy road ahead. This road may be paved with expensive bills, moody workmen and uncooperative equipment suppliers. If this doesn’t sound like something you want to deal with, you could always pass the stress of it onto somebody else. That’s right – there are companies out there that will take on the job for you and deal with everything. Yes, everything. It will all be put into one job, one point of contact and one easy way to deal with your problem. If this still sounds like something you could do yourself, here’s a few pointers to get you thinking about where to start.

What Damage can a Flood do?

When you have a flood, your entire home or business can be torn apart. Carpets lifted, wallpaper peeling, plaster cracking, ceilings drooping. Each and every task brings on new challenges. First you need to pump out the water. Until all the water is gone and everything has been dried – thoroughly – you can’t do a thing. If your electricity has blown because of the flood you will need to look into hiring some generators so you can get some mobile pumping units in. That’s two separate pieces of equipment you need to hire, which may well need to come from two separate sources. Remember, this equipment is specialist stuff and suppliers will often want to see accreditation before handing so much as an instruction manual over, so be prepared as you might have quite a hunt on your hands.

Once all that water has gone, you will need to think about drying the property – and decontaminating everything in the process. It’s all very well and good things being dry, but if they’re infested with rot it’s not only unsightly and bound to be smelly – it’s also pretty dangerous. Ozone generators and desiccant dehumidifiers are great for dealing with flood damage repair. Desiccant dehumidifiers will dry out not only walls and ceilings but will also dry out vital things you may think were lost – documents, files, books, important paperwork – can all be saved. Ozone generators will not only deal with ridding your home or business of dry and wet rot alike, they will also kill fungi, bacteria and mould. These specialist generators can not only do all of that, but also act as air purifiers – meaning any bad smells will be dealt with. Again, this equipment is specialist. You may need expert help using these – suppliers may even insist on it.

Water Damage from Above

Burst Pipe Damage from Above

A burst water pipe can do considerable damage to a home or business.

Each case is of course different and there are lots of factors that make each case so individual. The type of property you’re in could even depend on if the problem is in your home. All too often a flood from a burst pipe in a property above your own could cause untold amounts of damage to your home, sometimes even more than the property the flood occurred in. Your ceiling could be at risk of caving in which in turn leads to massive amounts of work for you. If the ceiling does come in on you, there is the plastering which will need to be done, the electric wiring in the ceiling may need to be looked at, if not completely replaced. The water could well be running down your walls – spreading the problem by the minute. If the damage to your home has been caused by another property you may have a difficult time dealing with the insurance company as there will of course need to be some communication and possibly negotiation between the two companies themselves, yourself and the owner of the other property.

Once water has been drained and the property has been dried and decontaminated you must then think about restoring your property to what it once was. This will of course involve redecorating. This can be a daunting task and often tricky depending on your level of experience. If, like most people, decorating isn’t your forte then professional help may be the best option for you. Remember this is yet another professional you require and hiring more than one person can often cause multi party disagreements. Scheduling and timing of each party can conflict with one another and delays may occur – this will of course cost you more unexpected money.

Repairing the Flood Damage

Taking on a restoration project on your own home for yourself may seem like a good idea in the beginning but when you get going you may discover that you aren’t as well equipped as you first thought. You may in fact end up making the problem worse than it was to begin with. If you decide that you need help, North London Fire Flood Restoration may be your best option. They will not only take on the job, but will consolidate it for you. You will have one point of contact as they will do the running round for you. If you do need more than professional on the job, they will take care of it for you and have experts on their books already who they know are efficient in their specialist field. Not only that, they will deal with your insurance company on your behalf and liaise between any other parties necessary, taking the stress away from you. So remember, North London Fire Flood Restoration – one job, one point of contact, one easy way to get rid of your problem.